Digital Consulting

Digital Consulting

Digital tools are attacking the business atmosphere, provoking noteworthy changes in the manner we run business. This has given rise to new opportunities  which has consequently triggered the Digital Transformation of enterprises.

Digital Consulting is basically related to a strategic advisor who receives a larger picture view of your association, examines your challenges, and helps you conquer them with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

You must have heard the statistic before. Some people argue that only 60% of strategies fail – others say it’s closer to 90%. Either way, the consensus seems clear: Most Strategies Fail !!!

Strategic planning is the process undertaken by organizations to define the direction in which they wish to move and the plans of how they will do it. The process entails organizations setting their key business objectives, allocating time and resources and ensuring all employees are working towards these objectives.

Designing a strategy that works has become the defining criteria for business success for any modern day organization. By following some best practices you can avoid paying the heavy price of designing an incorrect strategy

If done correctly, strategic planning should not only tell you the direction of the organization, but also what achieving that will look like.

There are literally hundreds of strategy frameworks out there, ranging from simple to extremely complicated. This can make choosing the best strategy frameworks for your own organization very hard. We’re going to talk through the best strategy frameworks, to help you decide which is right for you

Change Management

A Structured Approach to Implementing Change

Change management is the people side of any organizational change—whether you’re fixing problems, responding to market trends, or taking advantage of new opportunities. It focuses on ensuring that your whole team embraces your new direction or adopts and learns to use your new systems and processes

In today’s rapidly changing workplace, the true measure of project success is user adoption – and ultimately consumption – of change.

The term “transformation” is perhaps one of the most overused terms in business today. In the context of CX transformation it has some specific meaning to the type of change required from people in the organization

We know that successful change hinges on how well people adapt. Our Model is a simple step-by-step approach that helps you and your team achieves success, no matter how complex the system, process, approach or culture you need to affect or transform

Through our myriad of client interactions, we have developed a proven, comprehensive strategy for assisting clients with successfully navigating common pitfalls and achieving maximum value associated with change rollouts.

Technology Partners

To choose an RPA software vendor, you must understand the RPA vendor landscape and compare vendors to choose the most suitable vendor for your business. Evaluating vendors and making the right vendor assessment can be a time-consuming effort.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of consideration to pick the best RPA tools. The right ones will depend on the industry you’re in and unique aspects of your business.

We conduct a study about the unique aspects of your organization so we can help you choose the right tools for it.

We have tied up with the top vendors in RPA/Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence

Digityze Solutions provides a rapid and reasonably priced way for you to see immediate the potential and appropriateness of robotic process automation in your organization’s daily operating situation. We will aim and construct dense robotic automation for choose mechanism of your processes and reveal that your key applications, dealing rules, data contribution can be productively automated.

Lean Six Sigma

Before Automating Your Company’s Processes, Find Ways to Improve Them

As Bill Gates said “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency & the second rule is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

Automation of a process that is not streamlined can generate problems that can slow down the flow and increase errors. A process should first be mapped to highlight waste. Only when the new process is streamlined, it can be automated. In doing so, the new process will automate only value-added activities recognized by the customers

Today, many organizations are finding themselves in an environment impacted and disrupted by advances in technology, and by customers demanding good service, high quality products and short response times. This applies to the full spectrum of organizations from technology and commercial, to services organizations, healthcare and the public sector.

Lean Six Sigma provides a holistic mindset, with a wealth of tools and skills to navigate continuous improvement and the journey to operational excellence

Our strategic partnering model allows us to leverage an extensive network of experienced process improvement consultants with the knowledge, experience and industry insights gained through a substantial mix of lean manufacturing, lean six sigma & kaizen projects in the service and manufacturing sectors to create customized solutions for you

Design Thinking

Design thinking refers to the cognitive, strategic and practical processes by which design concepts (proposals for new products, buildings, machines, etc.) are developed by designers and/or design teams

Since the spectrum of technological change is endless, the pitfall of implementing disruptive technologies, just to give in to the need of desired technological change, is lurking. To prevent falling into this pitfall we strongly believe that technological change must be initiated by listening closely to the voice of the customer (e.g. boosting satisfaction) and the voice of the business (e.g. reducing costs and/or variability).

Design Thinking can prevent stepping into this trap because this powerful tool helps to change the process from a true consumer’s perspective. Thus, let the consumer and the process be the driver for change instead of the technology

Leveraging Design Thinking to create an overview of pitfalls, discover areas for improvement and create quick prototypes to see the effect is a way to cope with these demanding ecosystems

Project management – Agile Approach

With the Agile approach, we set our principles and philosophy up to a level that coerces how teams administer, implementations, and controlling is suitable for RPA. Customers frequently look for large-scale RPA implementations within automation COE frameworks. It requires a faultless balance between manifold stirring portions.

Agile’s mark constituent, a Scrum that smash work into little pieces and that turns to be the winning part. Scrum delivers worth to clients earlier while imprisoning feedback to employ in the subsequent iteration. It helps to guarantee that the project’s long-term ambitions are being congregated at each step. It has:

Make your agile journey a simple one. We help you identify the critical business objectives and align agile principles to your digital transformation road map, allowing you to seamlessly transform the process within your organization. Some of the agile transformation services we offer include:

  • Assess the current processes, Technology and Resource utilization in use by customer and identify gaps
  • Tailor-made Training for the executive and development team on the identified gaps
  • Ongoing support and Independent Execution
  • Measure Agile ROI and roll out Agile Practices across Enterprise

Center of Excellence

Customers frequently look for large-scale RPA implementations within automation COE frameworks. It requires a faultless balance between manifold stirring portions.While CoE’s are typically designed to build competence around technology, such as RPA, the CoE itself should not be just about the technology.

Staffing the CoE with both technical and functional resources is also critical to ensuring a more effective and stable RPA deployment and to effectively track, monito,r and report process improvements and financial benefits across the enterprise. Specifically, CoE resource teams should include process and technical solution architects, project managers, process SMEs and business analysts, and cross-functional representation (as appropriate) from finance, HR, compliance, and IT

  • Provide a common knowledge repository
  • Manage the automation portfolio
  • Develop the solution architecture
  • Deploy and scale the automation
  • Define the change management process
  • Define a business continuity plan
  • Manage and track the automation
  • Innovate new capabilities

By establishing an effective CoE, Organization’s can propel and accelerate their  automation efforts to yield bottom-line results. We help build CoE that guides your organization to build, sustain, scale, and embed RPA in every part of the business.

We also present industry-focused solutions where RPA for uses a proprietary course evaluation tool to decide the correct process candidates by reviewing applicability, precedence, and category of automation necessary. This single approach helps optimize resources spending, resultant in expected operational fixed cost.

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